In this field of business we lend our knowledge and know-how to the Human Resources area.
We are a registered company with the Ministry of Labor to provide services as a labor brokerage under Permit 102 / INEFP / 2013. We offer the following services:


(We coordinate Medical Examination and Psychometric Examination)

Human Capital Administration

Training and Development

With ATZ

Customer will benefit from the following:


  • Focus on your permanent staff management only;
  • Hassle free with labor disputes and MITRAB notifications of casual staff;
  • Risk free with any compensation arising from labor disputes, thus maintaining your business good name.
Why work

with ATZ and not the others


  • Experience in dealing with resettled communities, community leaders and conflicts associated with the recruitment of resettled staff;
  • Our Field Operations Managers communicate fluently in all local languages;
  • Deep and specialized knowledge of the Labor Law;
  • ATZ takes full responsibility of any casual workers;
    Permanent ability to deal with relevant institutions during contract performance;
  • Full guarantee of confidentiality and confidentiality
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